S3DA Design is a California based Structural & MEP Engineering firm which comprises a passionate group of professional engineers with over 20 years of experience. We operate throughout the state of California but also nationwide. We are licensed in 33 States.
As qualified experts in the residential, mix-used, educational, healthcare and industrial sector, we do our best in bringing life to every project. We combine creative solutions & years of experience to honor budget constraints while ensuring our clients’ deadlines.
We’ve found our success in an ongoing teamwork environment & by striving to create long-lasting relationship with our clients and business partners. With the help of dynamic & creative solutions we’ve managed to produce successful outcomes.

S3DA Design office

Our Culture, Core Values and Approach

Integrity, High Standards, Safety Conscious are our key beliefs that drive the firm. We listen to our clients in order to understand their requirements and are responsible to accomplish those needs using open communication. It begins at the conceptual design phase and continues through every phase of the project’s life. Each step of the way, our experienced engineers work to develop practical, creative and safe solutions that exceed our clients engineering needs on budget and ahead of schedule without compromising design or structural integrity. A positive, solution-oriented approach brings a high level of satisfaction and value to our clients.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Our Clients enjoy the new method of building design, Building Information Modeling or BIM. Over the past few years we’ve fully adapted to the BIM system, therefore, we answer all challenges of the building technology without worrying about interfering with different design phases. With the BIM system, we can test and analyze the effectiveness of the property during all phases of design. This method enables us to detect any potential problems and find proper solutions to them, right before construction commences which prevent any unexpected expenditure and dramatically lowers the cost.

Our Team

Nader Moavenian - S3DA Design

Nader Moavenian

General Manager

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Mathew Parker - S3DA Design

Mathew Parker

Sales Manager
Hossain Ahmadian - S3DA Design

Hossain Ahmadian

Structural Engineer
Mike Hawk

Mike Hawk

General Contractor

Our Partner

GCM General Contractor

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