Congregate living health facility in Inglewood, CA

3 story congregate living health facility building - Structural engineering
    The clients' request was to provide full Structural package for a 3-story building ( congregate living health facility ) based on the previous architect's designs, and the client’s new expectations, that actually led us to amend the architectural package as well. The first challenge that we had to face was to implement an initial congruence of the designed elements, and the pre-estimated loads in coordination with the architect, and the client himself. That led us to grasp a deeper understanding of the clients’ demands since the owner had some problems with some of the designed elements e.g. the number of posts in the basement etc. The next challenge was to run the calculations in three steps each time trying to remove as much as the overdesigned elements, including the columns and apply the most cost-effective yet, structurally feasible and available material. One of our advantages was the BIM solution (Building Information Modeling). We would have spent much more time, if we had started the process in CAD, because of the multiple. Moreover, we benefitted a significant amount of time by the means of interconnected links during the architectural and structural stage of work, between the architectural and detailing and the structural software. This configuration and workflow benefitted us in defining the interference between, the different aspects of the architectural and structural work etc. Project Timeframe: It was initially agreed to accomplish the job during a month from the agreement, but we had to proceed beyond the schedule due to the changes, but we finally were able to accomplish the job perfectly reaching the clients’ satisfaction.

    Our deliverables per the agreement signed with the client:

    • Architectural package based on the amended concept.
    • Structural package and calculation report based on the locally available material.
    Nick Terzyan
    November 2018
    Hyde Park, Inglewood, CA.

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