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Our Story

S3DA Design is a San Diego-based firm, which has a branch in Southampton, UK.
S3DA has a wealth of experience in mixed-use developments, new build, and refurbishment, in design and build and traditional forms of contracting. This experience combined with highly knowledgeable and experienced staff provides an extremely professional and competitive approach. The skill sets required to deliver high-end residential projects and to deliver commercial shell and core buildings are quite different. S3DA Design has repeatedly shown the ability to deliver both for clients on many high profile projects.
Successful project delivery is a result of a focused approach. High-level management involvement on every project from start to finish is the core of success in concurrent projects. Utilized for a project base cooperate alignment with the culture of calling in ad hoc of SME’s where ever the need arises, ensures that issues are dealt with efficiently and quickly and there is strong quality control. Our aim is to be our clients’ first choice for construction-related services. We will anticipate their needs, and deliver on every commitment we make.


In response to ever-changing, creative and technological advancements in construction delivery in recent years. S3DA Design formed a multi-disciplined, global team of experts who focus on emerging project delivery methodologies and coordinate resources to deliver solutions for our clients. Our team responds to challenges presented by these evolving techniques and brings experience and insight to address both traditional and unique risk management concerns.

Our Team

Nader Moavenian - S3DA Design

Nader Moavenian

General Manager

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Mathew Parker - S3DA Design

Mathew Parker

Sales Manager
Mike Hawk

Mike Hawk

General Contractor
Hossain Ahmadian - S3DA Design

Hossain Ahmadian

Structural Engineer

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